Friday, 5 August 2016


Previous president of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) H S Hanspal pronounced in an open meeting at Amloh that Vidhan Sabha decisions would witness a triangular challenge.

It was surprisingly when a senior Congress pioneer had openly recognized the presence of Aam Adami Party (AAP) and acknowledged that a challenge between, Congress, SAD-BJP partnership and AAP would occur. Till as of late the Congress initiative had be disregarding the presence of AAP pushing challenge between SAD-BJP organization together and the Congress.

In the meantime previous money priest Lal Singh, from the same stage said that the challenge would be between SAD-BJP organization together and the Congress. Chief Amarinder Singh, PPCC president too had been saying that the challenge was amongst Congress and the SAD-BJP cooperation. The specifying of AAP had been overlooked from quite a while. Dr. Balbir Singh, zone facilitator and state representative of AAP when reached said that Congress and the SAD-BJP organization together would challenge for the second position. Individuals had effectively decided to frame AAP government.

In Amloh tending to a get-together at Surjit Palace, Hanspal said that the gathering knew about the political circumstance and befitting answer would be given to Akali cooperation and the AAP in the 2017 Assembly decisions. Vimal Sumbly, media guide to Captain Amarinder Singh declined to remark saying that the inquiry must be replied by Captain himself. In Amloh body electorate two Congress stalwarts Kaka Randeep Singh, the sitting MLA and Jagmeet Sahota were attempting to get the gathering ticket from Amloh.

Party sources uncovered that Randeep did not appreciate agreeable association with the present PPCC setup. He was proclaimed by the rivals as an untouchable since he lived in Nabha and had a place with the past King's family. Jagmeet Singh Sahota, his contender, contended that he had been living in Amloh throughout the previous 25 years and had developed his living arrangement there. He remained Vice-President of the state youth Congress. He declined to concede that the state would see triangular challenge.

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